I haven’t had a job in a year, I keep avoiding any responsibility, I frankly have lost my ability to care about anything, I self medicate by getting drunk and having “distractions”, I have a binge/purge/restrict cycle, my dreams are getting more vivid… I can’t sleep/sleep too much, I have constant body aches. I could honestly list so many more things I’m just so sick of it all I don’t know what to do anymore. It’s like I’m better than I used to be but at the same time I’m worse? How is that even possible. I just want to disappear for a really long time.

Things That Give Me Anxiety.
  • being late
  • things i said five minutes ago
  • things i said five years ago
  • people touching me
  • being around a ton of people
  • being yelled at
  • wondering if people are talking about me
  • every action i do
  • and just about everything else

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if “barnacles” is a curse word in Spongebob, then how do you explain Barnacle Boy’s name

He’s a fuck boy

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I destroyed my body for a peace of mind I never got.
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